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In November 1992 as part of activities commemorating the occasion of our 20th anniversary Homecoming Celebrations, the Mfantsipim Class of 1972 instituted the annual Teacher of the Year Award. This was the first such award in Ghana.

The award is a major collaborative venture with Mfantsipim School to suitably reward teachers of our Great School for their selfless efforts to keep academic standards as high as they have always been!!!

The first presentation was made at the 1993 Speech Day on November 13, 1993 at a ceremony at which the then Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Kow Nkensen Arkaah, The President of the Methodist Conference, Rt Rev. Prof Kwesi Dickson, both Old Boys and several other eminent Old Boys and citizens of the land were present.

Given the significant nature of the award and the mass coverage given to the event by both the School and the Media, the award has thankfully been replicated in many schools and recently at the National level. We are thus proud to have been another beacon of hope for the teaching profession

At each subsequent Speech day since then, a presentation has been made to a deserving teacher. The School nominates one teacher on the basis of very stringent criteria set by the Class of 1972. As per the record of operations, the name is kept very secret from all including members of the Class except the Executive and the School's nominating committee.  The process is however transparent as the members of MOBA72 are kept briefed on activities. The purpose is to make the selection the best kept surprise of the Annual Speech Day celebrations. It has been a wonderful experience so far.

The choice of the award winner has so far been, we are advised, very difficult to make each year, not only because there exists in the School a fine crop of teachers, any school can boast of in Ghana, but because the criteria set for the selection has been equally demanding on the selection panel. One important factor is that if a teacher excels above all others 10 times in a row, (s)he should be nominated. The Award is not supposed to be recycled through the list of teachers.

Consequently, it is our pleasure to announce that each year's award winner has been and will always be chosen for the exemplary service and commitment to duty in the past year based on

*Academic performance and commitment to duty

    To involve the combination of the application and demonstration of professional knowledge with an ability to deliver. A commitment to encouraging students to learn or participate in approved extra-curricula activities.

*Discipline and Leadership

    To incorporate a positive ability to interprete and enforce or assist the students and colleagues to apply the School Rules in a firm but diplomatic manner. Display high sense of leadership


    To possess a sense of integrity and conduct by demonstrated example through good dress and physical composure, positive temperament etc

In short, the Teacher of the Year for each year has to be a very competent, enthusiast and inspiring tutor.

We of Mfantsipim Class of 1972 are therefore very proud to be associated, via sponsorship, with such an award - the MOBA-72 sponsored TEACHER OF THE YEAR.

It is our fervent hope that, this would inspire all other teachers to contribute to the further development of this great school, knowing that their efforts would be duly recognized through this initiative. 

Honour Roll of Award Winners

Mfantsipim Teacher of the Year


Award Winner



Ms Louisa C. Aggrey 

20" Colour TV + Cloth


Mr Kobina Asmah

20" Colour TV


  Mr David Essah

Table Top Refrigerator


Mr Jonathan Blankson 

Sound System


Mr Ernest Kojo Schall 

Table Top Refrigerator


Mr Solomon Afful

Table Top Refrigerator


Mr Winnard Archer Nkani

Medium Deep Freezer


 wait till November 2000


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