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    Mfantsipim Old Boys Association
    Class of 1972




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Welcome to the Home Page

of MOBA'72

Mfantsipim Class of 1972 

These pages have been created to enable all our Classmates and friends of the Class, and of Mfantsipim, to share in the joyous experiences we had at Kwabotwe.

Animated Class Album


The information presented should serve to foster a great sense of Unity and Friendship among all the boys of the Class.

We trust that these pages would also serve as a tribute and thanksgiving for what the great School did for us whilst we were getting an education and a future life. We know that we would have a continuing chance to serve our country in as many diverse ways as there were Old Boys in the Class.

Boys, we are pleased to have you on this cyber visit. We hope that you will feel the ping of nostalgia as you walk through these pages with your families and friends 


The Class Secretary, MOBA72

© MOBA72, June 1999

The Secretary, MOBA72,  P.O.Box MB163, Accra, GHANA

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